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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Coffee Guide Continued - Ethiopian Yergacheffe

How long are the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans left in the fermentation tank?

The coffee beans may be left in the fermentation tank for up to 72 hours. After being removed from the fermentation tank the beans are rinsed and then dried.

Wet processing works best when the Ethiopian coffee farmers hand pick the coffee beans and ensure that only the ripe berries are picked. The wet processing method is also known as the washed method. Most of the world’s top  specialty coffees are wet processed.

Where is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee grown?

The premium gourmet Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is grown at elevations ranging from about 5,800 feet above sea level to 6,600 feet above sea level. The world’s finest coffees are grown at such high elevations though few are grown as high as these Yirgacheffes.

The town of Yirgacheffe (Irgachefe; Yirgachefe; Yergacheffe) in located in central southern Ethiopia at an elevation that ranges from 1,880 and 1,919 meters above sea level. Yirgacheffe is located in the Gedeo Zone named after the Gedeo people whose homelands are in this area. 

The Gedeo region extends along an eastern escarpment of the highlands of Ethiopia on a narrow piece of land which also extends into the Oromia region. The Oromia region borders the Gedeo zone on the west, south and east. The northern boundary of Gedeo is bordered by Sidama.

Ethiopian Yergacheffe Coffee - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

Is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee a highly regarded coffee?

Yes, the Yirgacheffee coffees are considered among the world’s very top premium gourmet coffees. Among the many fine coffees grown in southern Ethiopia - one of the world’s most respected coffee growing regions - Ethiopian Yirgacheffee is perhaps the most distinguished of all.

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Other African and Arabian coffees include: Burundi coffee, Congo coffee, Kenya coffee, Malawi Coffee, Rwanda Coffee, Tanzania coffee, Timor coffee, Uganda coffee, Yemen coffee, Zambia coffee and Zimbabwe coffee. 

Among these many fine coffees the Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees are the most highly respected and are considered to be among the world’s top premium gourmet coffees.

In general these African and Arabian coffees are respected for their good balance of acidity and body as well as for their often sweet and winy flavors. The vibrancy of the acidity is sometimes displayed as a tartness and sometimes more of a sparkling essence. 

The aroma of the coffee, including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, typically exhibits fruity as well as floral notes.

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More on the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is an integral part of Ethiopian life and is enjoyed by people all across the country including the Yirgacheffe region. 

The coffee beans are known as “buna” and and the roasting is done on a flat pan made of iron, This pan is known as a baret metad, which basically means roasting plate. 

The roasting is done over a small stove using charcoal. During the roasting process of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony the Yirgacheffe coffee beans are moved around gently to allow them to roast very evenly. 

There is an art to this so that the beans roast properly and when done properly everyone at the ceremony will begin to enjoy the rich aroma of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans as they begin to crackle and pop from the heat. 

Guests at the Ethiopian coffee ceremony are allowed to savor the fine aromas as the beans are carried around on either a straw mat (known as a margegabia) or a clay plate (known as a wacheff). (continued on next page)

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